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About the quotation Derun usually, will be issued by the customer CIF quotation. We mainly through the air freight flight ,express company,or sea transpotation. If the customer has its own logistics agency , we will send to the designated goods warehouse.
About the delivery time Derun should be strictly according to contract delivery time delivery. Due to special reasons to change the contract goods delivery, change party must submit a written description of goods delivery time change, and delivery of the contract the other party, get in the two parties of the contract written confirmation and clearly the new delivery date, this change was established (the other party had to reasonable refused).
About the partial shipment  The delivery of goods by installments in already agreed, each shipment shall constitute an independent business, the clause should be and the whole business clause is basic and same, so if has any a group of or several group of non-delivery or delivery defective, does not affect the entire business or other batch products delivery, customer has no right to claims rescission or termination of the whole business. If the shipment from the agreement within 10 days after the customer  is not received products, it is suggested the customer  and the mechanical and electrical contact.

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